Oh nooooo


This post is mostly just a filler post, me rambling etc, also some updates on the work and a few question at the bottom!

I’m finally on a decent schedule, doing good work on the game at least 3 days a week. That’s way better than before. All thanks to being externally motivated by good friends who help push me to work (I have told them to and they check in regularly). I won’t name names but you know who you are. It’s an ADHD thing; some/most of us can’t generate motivation internally (on our own), but are instead motivated by external factors (friends expecting things, deadlines, needing-money-to-buy-food-and-pay-bills, that kind of stuff). Anyway this was totally off-topic for a devblog, but it might be nice to get a peak into why I have been the absolute worst at getting updates out as often as both you and I want.

There’s like at least a hundred notes on my whiteboards for the game right now, lol. Good thing is that only about half of them are must-do’s and bugs, the rest are ideas or want-to-do’s. Btw, sticky notes and whiteboards are gods gift to someone like me who can’t keep too much in memory for very long.

Soon a year since I thought the mission was 50% done. Man was I wrong.

It was more like 5%, hindsight is 20-20. But good news, thanks to the recent scheduling successes, the mission completion is at something like 90%+ now. I need to fix a few bugs, add some sound effects and then size everything that can’t fit properly on mobile, which I will do as fast as I can (mobile only has <5% of players according to analytics; it seems people prefer apps more, even though you can add the game to the homescreen like an app (or the browsers simply suck, I remember simply trying to get the site to size accordingly on the two latest versions of Safari on iOS was a PITA for the initial release).

I haven’t looked at it since, I don’t want to (besides; my iOS emulators are so, so slow and they can’t install apps like Chrome, or even remember the links, I don’t own an iPhone and don’t plan on buying one but I just might have to soon enough). Dogeminer 2 getting packed into an app is on the roadmap relatively soon after the update (TL;DR I want the game to be more ‘complete’ first). That should make some things easier (and other things harder? Idk, an app release will be a first for me). I also know that the mobile version is far, far from perfect. It’s hard to pack a game designed for desktop into a mobile game. I’m still a little proud that I’m doing it all with the same code, even though it’s a mess in many places.

Still no ETAs on the update because still, my brain doesn’t comprehend the passing of time. So sorry.

Anyway, I was planning on doing a poll soon for what you guys want to see more of in the game, or are completely missing. If you have something in mind right now, please comment down below (disqus) and unless it’s incredibly time consuming, I’ll add it to the poll! I’m thinking of things like more locations, items, new features, or something I haven’t even thought of. So I know what to put most of my focus on in the future.

Thank you for your patience. Just one more thing, that might not get many answers, as this blog isn’t even designed yet and if you are reading this, you are the 1%. Be proud. Anyhow, how big is the want for translated versions of the game? Please let me know in the comment section. Cheers.

Written on June 19, 2018