Microupdate published to live

Just pushed a very small update to the live environment, in order to comply with these GDPR law-thingies…

Basically the EU wants to protect peoples privacy, so now you guys (EU) don’t get personalized ads any more. Shame. Also Analytics no longer gets your IP. This is fine, it only reduces location tracking by a little bit, which was never a big deal for me.

Also I did make some small changes to the game code: I removed all that coinhive jazz. It felt like a good idea when it was new, but alas, the people did not like. (It was the thing that would use your cpu to mine for monero, but only if you were blocking ads already, basically an alternative to the ads).

Also tried to make the ad code work a little better, probably made things worse. Haven’t tested it on all devices yet so let me know what’s wrong if shit hits the fan for you (see footer for contact info).

Written on May 22, 2018