Let's Play Guess The D.I.A. Mission Objective!

Here’s a small screen cap from its current state

Part of mission

Can you guess what it will be? Might be too obvious hah.

Anyway, the idea is really fun. The development feels like it’s taking forever, though! And lets not talk about all the bugs that I’ve fixed and have yet to fix… Had a lot of great progress today though and that feels great.

Well, it’s on its way at least! No ETAs because I can’t do those you know. My brain doesn’t understand time, I think.

For those of you that might not know, this mission is supposed to be Dogeminer 2s “soft reset” of sorts. Basically you will receive a worthy reward for doing this mission, but you will have to start from Earth again when you’re done. Don’t worry, you get to keep your collected stats from Fortunes, as well as get rewards based on your coins and stuff.

This kind of feature has different names in idle/incremental games, but the general the idea is to allow for an alternative route to getting all those super-expensive upgrades and also/probably unlock features as you progress. Plus it should be fun to do at least once. But I think most would do it multiple times, as once you have looted all the items, there’s not many reasons not to do the mission. It allows you to start collecting items again, this time with better stats (since your +wow makes items you find better…)

Anyway, enough rambling, happy guessing!

Written on June 3, 2018