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Dogeminer 2: Devblog 2 The Moon(s)

In the Dogeminer developer blog you might get a glimpse of what's going on behind the scenes. Or the ramblings of a madman.

Still a bit of work to be done, not even sure if I’ll get it ready this week, but it’ll be ready very soon.

So, no release today or tomorrow, probably not on wednesday either. Can’t be sure about anything else. I’ll keep you guys posted. Yesterday and the day before that I added (I think~) 70 new upgrades, spread pretty evenly across all locations. This sounds like a lot and it will take time to upgrade them all, but it’s mostly color that had to be changed, except in some rare cases; for example the Mars Rocket and Jupiter Rocket have their own sprites and upgrades now (previously they had none and used the same sprite as the Space Rocket).

Wish I had more time, so much to do

There’s three additional features that I have on my really-wanna-do list. They include an auto-looting feature (you’re probably going to want one sooner or later, if not already), some sort of auto-mining feature (with your pickaxe), and last but not least, a kind of shop keeper / traveling SalesDoge that sells unique and amazing…ly expensive items. These won’t be in the update that is a few days (or week?) out, but with these features I really feel like the game could be “complete” enough to call it 1.0.

So what are we / you waiting for?

You might be interested in what I have left to do before I can release the update. The DIA mission and Titan is done, so no worries there.

Instead, I need to add all the new upgrades I mentioned into my data file (the one that says which helper has what upgrades and their respective names and descriptions - it’s a relatively easy task, but with 70 to do, I won’t do it in an hour, and the motivation… phew). I’ve started doing that, so… it’s something.

Also, a new feature-ish, is that the ultimate/currently ultimate upgrades can only become available through figuring out the secrets of a special item (relatively easy, since YOU won’t be figuring it out, but one of your helpers - spoiler alert ;). These upgrades are done and were the last 25, but they need to be unlocked in the code when the right criteria is met - another thing I have yet to do. It’s fast (I already have the function to unlock it, and the criteria, just not the upgrade id’s - gotta put them into the data file first ‘member?).

Then there’s also a bunch of items (pickaxes & fortunes) I haven’t finished that needs polishing… and creation. Throw them into the data file, along with their stats and where they will be found (what containers etc), and they’ll be done.

After that, there’s testing. Testing, testing, testing. Gotta make sure I didn’t break the game for any specific OS and browser that it was running on. Also, hopefully, I haven’t managed to corrupt anything regarding to saves (so far so good on that part, but you never know).

One last thing….

That headline is the name of a book. But that wasn’t what I was thinking about, the last things I gotta do is trim everything in terms of filesizes and download priorities etc, because the spritesheets have grown considerably from the last update and they were relatively large to begin with. Which means increased loading times, which means less players (people don’t like to wait these days) and I don’t want that… I’ll get to that problem when the other stuff is done. Bye for now.

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Game- & webdev mainly. Scifi-, AI- & tech lover. ☕🐶🏂 Follow guarantees shenanigans.