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Dogeminer 2: Devblog 2 The Moon(s)

In the Dogeminer developer blog you might get a glimpse of what's going on behind the scenes. Or the ramblings of a madman.

Patch notes for 2.7


  • Big change to how stats are calculated over time with ‘wow’ (which is the main factor that increases stats on new items), now on a logarithmic scale instead of a sorta-exponential
    • This means stats won’t get out of hand and is such much easier to balance.
    • Will be monitoring the results and see if tweaks are needed
    • In short, stats should grow slower and if you’re on a deep or deepish save right now, you’ll probably get lower stats on new items (even pickaxes) - this is sub-optimal but the alternative was to nerf what you already had or reset everyone…
    • A big change like this is required to be able to balance for new locations, which is why it’s uploaded now so that we have the time to adjust if need be, before the big one (Steam)
  • A few bug fixes as per usual
    • Timeline indicator being able to be hidden by helpers
    • The mystery box low-fps auto-clicker exploit (did you know about that one? too bad if you didn’t ;))
    • Probably the third or fourth attempt at fixing a known bug, we’ll see…
    • Upgrades found right after upgrading should not become invisible and require a location change or refresh
    • Probably a few smaller ones squashed too
  • Kept most planets/moons round, we’ll see if this requires flattening later
  • New ‘alert system’ for when the Steam version is up
    • Simply add your email for a one-time (ONLY) alert when/seconds before its out - no subscription or mailing list, you’ll all be removed after the one email
    • Links to open this widget is available both in the sidebar and on the landing page
  • 5-6 items!
    • Most are pickaxes this time, wow! Courtesy of DimiFW!
  • Some stuff you won’t see that was done behind the scenes
    • Started writing gamepad-input basics (for Steam)
    • Also working on some neat filters/effects
    • Holiday (Easter!) preparations (will continue working on this the following week(s)
    • Much Soon™ all Patrons will be able to authenticate to receive a small buff (not too OP, not decided exactly either, think something like a +2-4% overall bonus dps or similar - accepting suggestions! Naturally, the buff should increase slightly per month of patronage) plus the ability to open the mystery box while using an ad-blocker!
  • Added an icon-link to the official Steam Group in the sidebar
  • Trialing some speedier-load-thingies that shouldn’t affect anything negatively
  • The Phone UI got some love this time (Even though you are in the <5-6% if you’re playing from one - I know you want it as an app, it will come!)
    • Helpers are now below Doge
    • The shop does not open on “swipe up” any more! This happened a lot by mistake if you were mining and looting fast (still two ways to open it: the bottom button or by tapping directly on a helper)
    • I know the Phone UI is far from perfect and some times outright buggy, it’ll receive much more love after Steam has been released and it’s time for mobile app-variants!
    • Currently known bug is that the Share-button can hide the Settings button. It’s still possible to open settings if you tap just right, I’ll fix it another time (PS. if you didn’t know, closing the “share” interface (which is actually the sidebar on PC) is done by a simple swipe down
  • Wrote these patch notes and extra paragraphs, pheewww
  • Plus, you know, whatever I forgot I did/fixed/broke

Please report bugs in the #bug_reporting channel on Discord found under the “Feedback & Ideas” category, but before you do, try a refresh (F5) - your browser might have loaded the older files. Thank you <3

Steam is the main focus - Launch day such important

This is one of the reasons patches don’t contain a ton of content (apart from holidays maybe ;)).

The bricks of the foundation are being laid, with as many bug fixes and other similarly important stuffs as possible. The idea is that the web version will be the ‘demo’ of some of what the Steam version will offer (without taking anything away from it).

Also, unless it’s just not possible, you’ll of course be able authenticate with Patreon and whatever else might come (Discord is on the list, we’ll see how it goes) in the Steam version - as well as import your save from the web (the save-import might change, either way, if it will be allowed, it will be for a limited time after release).

I need to be as sure as we can possible be that there’s a good balance (which will still be improved upon before the Steam launch - e.g. the cost increase of helpers will be going down too, by using a similar approach as for the stats (soon™), among a few other balance-related things (to say the least).

We really need to hit “New and popular” on Steam to gain real traction, and to do that we need as many copies as possible sold within 24 hours of release - or in other words, the best game possible on day one!

If you aren’t one of the shibes with a $1 Steam Key waiting for them via Patreon, and not planning to become one, please do sign-up for the new email alert.

Being there on day one is so, so, so important to the game (and me), so… please very thank much love <3

Friendly reminder: If you want to be sure that you won’t lose your progress, make sure to download your save every now and then

It’s super easy, just click the download/upload button on the landing page and click download. Then forget about it (or place it somewhere you’ll remember - otherwise just look in the download folder duh). The save is compressed, so it’s small (sub 100kb pretty much guaranteed, normal saves would be <30kb) and the name of the save-file has a timestamp to avoid duplicates.

The usual suspects for losing a save:

Browser cleanup of some kind. The save is stored (if not cloud saved) in your browsers localStorage (like cookies, but for larger sizes and not for tracking etc). However, when an app cleans out your cookies, this usually includes your localStorage too.

Usually a 3rd party program will do this to clear out stuff that could slow down your PC or browser, or track you. Common tools known to do this are CCleaner, SpyBot S&D (if you don’t un-check your browser cookies from being removed, after a search) and perhaps a few anti-virus programs.

Always download your save to be safe, then run whatever cleanup tool you have. If you lose your save and your PC isn’t broken, it’s on you.

PS. There’s still many limited Steam keys (limit is 100 on that tier, there’s 79 left as of writing!) on Patreon for $1

While I can’t tell you what the Steam price will be (it’s simply not decided, currently jumping anywhere between $5 and $15, but it’ll be some % off on launch), but even with the % off, the $1 limited Steam Key Patreon tier is going to be at least 3-4x cheaper than when the game releases. There are also other tiers with multiple keys that are similar. Just a FYI! (Also to be clear: It’ll be months before the Steam release is actually ready - much work to do, so your help right now is mightily appreciated)


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Game- & webdev mainly. Scifi-, AI- & tech lover. ☕🐶🏂 Follow guarantees shenanigans.