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Dogeminer 2: Devblog 2 The Moon(s)

In the Dogeminer developer blog you might get a glimpse of what's going on behind the scenes. Or the ramblings of a madman.

I can feel it… and I’ve seen’t it

It’s usually not this apparent to me, and there’s a lot of things I probably forgot (but it should be on my “post it” walls) that I have to do before release, but finally I have but one small detail left to do for the mission (bar any OTHER bugs I haven’t found yet). It’s not even that long or cool (the mission), but it’s a little different so it needed some (a lot of) special code. Some of it will be reusable, god bless.

PSA: I’ve seen a few people restart the game because they got bored after getting pretty much everything.

I advice you to NOT restart your game now. The amount of items, coins and helpers you have acquired will greatly increase the rewards of the mission.

Just a heads up. Feel free to restart on a different browser/save/login but keep your main progress if you can.

This post would normally contain some images, gifs or videos of the progress but I don’t want to spoil the mission for anyone, as it will be very obvious if I post more of what I’ve been working on.

I think the update is about a month away, which means about two months if my calculations are to be untrusted (usual case). I’m gonna work extra hard this month, there’s so many post its all over the place that I need to get rid of / actually do, heh.

I’m also going to need to do some advertising once the update hits, but I will reserve that part for when it’s done, as to not waste time working. If you’ve got any good advertising opportunities, youtubers, idk, let me know. Either in the comments or email (rkn@dogeminer.se). The email has been acting up a bit lately but usually works.

This last part is completely off topic but, Elon Musk replied to me on Twitter on something I am very passinate about (The Culture novels) and it was the most amazing thing to happen to me last month. Yes I’m bragging, it’s my blog, I can do what I want, damn it!

Anyway, I you haven’t already, subscribe to the subreddit for more discussions and uhh follow me on twitter please? I’m trying to grow a bigger audience. The Facebook page is the biggest currently (33K followers as of writing) but I feel that Facebook is kind of getting disconnected, as many young people don’t use it. Should I try instagram and/or snapchat? Is that what the kids are using these days? /feels old

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Game- & webdev mainly. Scifi-, AI- & tech lover. ☕🐶🏂 Follow guarantees shenanigans.