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Dogeminer 2: Devblog 2 The Moon(s)

In the Dogeminer developer blog you might get a glimpse of what's going on behind the scenes. Or the ramblings of a madman.

In the last post I included a short list (among many lists)

It was the list of the priorities that I’ll be working on for Dogeminer 2 next (there was also a list for new content that will come LATER in the previous post, check it out if you’re interested, I’m especially fond of the CateStar kittnapping idea).

After releasing v2.4 (Titan & D.I.A.) I got a ton of feedback from a lot of people, on what needs fixing or what could/should be implemented and/or changed. This is just after ONE day, so more is likely to come and the following list might be outdated as I am typing it.

It’s so nice to have users actually tell you what they think btw, you have no idea! <3

I’m very grateful to all of you who helped make the new todo list. Shoutout to the subreddit /r/incremental_games as the feedback gathered from their users slightly trumped my faithful /r/dogeminer shibes (granted we are much smaller, but we are wow!)

Here’s the most recent list of new (prioritized) todos:

  • A fix for NewsDoge suddenly disappearing just as he was about to speak
    • Very rude of me to introduce this bug, I feel a little bad
  • Some sort of diminishing returns on the +Wow stat or the pickaxe damage (or both)
    • This is the problem and possible solution:
    • Pickaxe damage goes nuts after a few mission runs (and some stats in general), which eventually messes up both drop rates (because rocks break real easy) and rock health vs pickaxes
    • There’s a need for a double-fixer here though, as the rocks’ health shouldn’t need to change with timelines or progress (except when they break), but if they do not, eventually they will be one-shotted to get all the loot there is (this might be okay if it’s very, very, lategame - it’s far from late right now though)
    • Right now I think I’ve set the rocks to not become crazy high in health per break, as for example the cost of a helper per buy can get
    • I’ll have to test some changes here and see what sticks. I’m thinking a combination of diminishing returns on +Wow, as well as a slightly higher rock health per kill
  • Properly setting the DPS after changing location (until then, buying something solves this)
  • Stop rockets from auto-travelling after at least one mission has been completed
    • So annoying right?
  • Automatically loot diamonds and open up containers (users choice) without affecting gameplay
    • When you get to a certain point, you get containers faster than you can open them, and once you’ve opened a few hundred, it gets very tiresome…
    • This is most likely going to ‘unlock’ after the first mission run
  • An accessibility solution for at least a few different types of color blindedness
  • Got more than 100% crit? It should do something. More damage or perhaps a chance to double-crit, decided by luck
    • I just made that last part up, good idea?
  • When looting or viewing a pickaxe, there should be a visible comparison to your equipped pickaxe
  • Many optimizations and improvements to performance needed - some users on older hardware are experiencing quite bad lag at the moment. This should not be the case for such a ‘simple’ game and I will find the reason(s) and I will fix them
    • …To the best of my ability

Those were all new items on my todo-list and they currently have the highest priority. I know that someone once requested the pickaxe comparison, but sadly that note or memory was lost with time. I’m sorry, whoever you were.

So that’s what I’ll be working on next, and I’m guessing by the time this post goes live, you’ll have given me even more feedback on other great things to fix or improve upon. You go, you.

The now slightly-less prioritized list

This is from the last post, it has been shortened to remove the obvious and already pointed out stuff. This is now my “secondary” todo:

  • Hints/answers for locked helpers on how to unlock them
    • Might make it to the same ‘patch’ as some of the above
  • Making the timeline you are on stand out a bit more: it is an important increment to your progress and should be treated as such
    • Going to need to design this first and possibly reconsider it’s placement (or move diamonds slightly)
  • Balance adjustments are always a strong possibility, but so far you’ve told me great things about the balance
    • End-game balance will most likely be the target for changes, as I’ve seen some of your stats grow insanely with this update (not really surprising). It doesn’t take many missions and looting to get to the point of having too-much loot find (ish).

Shortly after, this is still in the pipe:

  • Brand new Settings window(!) - it’ll pop up and cover a larger area, as well as split up the check-buttons and whatnot into sections.
    • The design looks good and it might be perfect for some of the newer options that will be introduced, I might put this higher up if another todo would need it
  • Separate FX and Music volume sliders for the new settings, as has been requested

I would also want to change the design of this blog a bit. It’s obviously not a priority, I haven’t had any complaints and it’s fast, does what it was built for (communication etc) as it should… and is really easy to use/publish with (it’s using jekyll with github, so I don’t have to fiddle with any servers; I just make a post file, commit that to github and viola, the post is up!).

Uhh, yeah, I’m almost afraid to check my inbox(es) now for new feedback, lol

Good talk

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Game- & webdev mainly. Scifi-, AI- & tech lover. ☕🐶🏂 Follow guarantees shenanigans.